Do we need an Aortic Dissection Awareness Day

“Oh please, isn’t there enough days in a year already? Do we actually need another awareness day?”

Look at the photo enclosed. Three persons are highlighted. A young girl and two men of various ages. All look healthy. None of the show any sign of being ill. None of them have pains and all of them would say – “I am fine” if asked today.

one of us good day

But they all carry a potential risk of getting acute ill in aortic dissection.

The young girl has a familiar version by a mutation in her ACTA2 gene in her DNA, the young man has a bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) and his aorta is actually dilated to over 55 mm and the older man has an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) closing up to 60 mm, but does not know of this.

When they come in to the ER, they are met by doctors who will try to find out what is wrong with them.

Today the world recognizes tens of thousands of illnesses. About six thousand (6.000) of these are classified as rare diseases.

Aortic Dissection is one of them.

Every year 30 persons out of 1 million get ill in aortic dissection.

Half of them dies before any medical treatment have been put in place. More dies in the weeks to come from complications.

A doctor in an Emergency Room in a small town hospital maybe never has encountered a patient with aortic dissection.

He or she did for sure read a page about it in medical school some five-ten years ago, but since then he never met one single patient with this disease.

Aortic Dissection on top of that can mimic a heart attack – so for this poor doctor to think of aortic dissection – is close to a miracle – unless – unless there has been survivors in his hospital talking to other patients, handing out flyers and walking around in their nice awareness t-shirts.

Then this doctor is in a far better position of thinking “aortic dissection” when encountering the patient.

And this is how our illness develops. It does not come slow. It hits like lightning, and we get seriously ill, and then way forward is though the ER in hospital, into a CT or MRI scan, and then in hands of either thoracic or cardiovascular surgeons in acute surgery or cardiologists in intensive care.

To end up in proper care in time, and be saved, we need the ER doctor to think “Aortic Dissection”.

This is why we need a joint awareness day.

To make people more aware of our illness.

This is actually what saved the life of you and me. That one person in the ER though “aortic dissection”.

If you agree – please help to make our Aortic Dissection Awareness Day September 19 a reality. You will save lives if you do.

We need to find each other in our community also in real life, to together once a year do a local activity in our local hospitals.

Help us share this awarenessday link (click here)

Peace, hugs and love


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