Aortic Dissection Survivors in Europe

The first surgery to save a patient with acute aortic dissection was done 1954 in USA, in Huston. Since then USA has been in the forefront to aortic dissection treatment, and also has them most active aortic survivors group on the planet. We can see this from visits to aortic dissection sites, activity on social media, and the number of people engaged in various suport groups.

3599519 - little girl looking through binoculars with safari hat
Looking for Survivors with aortic dissection in Europe

In Europe lives more the the double amount of people (740 million) compared to USA (320 million), but we talk very many different languages in Europe. And this makes it difficult for people in Europe to find eachother. Most of the survivors in Europe do not talk English. They talk Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Estonian, Russian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and many more languages.

40129762 - pen hand drawn europe map vector on paper  illustration
Some European languages and Aortic Dissection

To help our Aortic Survivor friends in Europe find eachother nationally – we have created an European Aortic Survivor Portal – that uses the languages of the people living in Europe.

The idea is to help people in Europe find their national group easily – and find support groups and pages in their own languages. We already now have such support groups in the follwing languages:

English (UK / Ireland)
Swedish (Sweden/Denmark/Norway)
German (Germany, Switzerland/Austria)
Dutch (Netherlands/Belgium)
Italian (Italy/Switzerland/Vatican State)

If you live in Europe – you are very wellcome to join us and find your countrymen and women

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