Wellcome to Aortic Disease Awareness Day

Wellcome to our Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19 – page. April 9, 2019, The Marfan Foundation have launched a NEW WEBSITE for September 19 and the Aortic Disease Awareness Day. We recommend all our friends to visit this page. In one month from today, May 9, 2019, we will shut down this page.

The new page you find here: September 19 – The Marfan Foundation




Lady Aorta

Lady Aorta is a result of the Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19 campaign, and the work of a Team behind the scenes. She was originally invented by an aortic survivor in Italy named Shahrezade.

Lady Aorta September 19
Lady Aorta September 19

It all started as an idea for one image, and then the idea grew and Lady Aorta started getting a life of her own. Perhaps Lady Aorta can be a help for doctors and nurses, when talking to families about rare aortic diseases in the future. Especially when trying to explain for younger persons about aortic disease.

Lady Aorta new dress
Lady Aorta new dress

Sometimes photos and images found on internet and in medical brochures can be quite frightening. Also for adults. If you think Lady Aorta is a good thing, please help us share her to doctors, nurses and paramedics. Perhaps they can have use of her already tomorrow.

You can also download images of Lady Aorta from our download site

Lady Aorta postcards
Lady Aorta postcards

As all our image, they can only be used for use that does not involve money, no sales of items, no soliciting, no fundraising etc. To print them and give them for free to hospitals is one example of a great use.

AD September 19 – Playlist Spotify

AD September 19 is a play-list on Spotify with 53 songs. Each song liked and put on the list by one person who has survived an acute aortic dissection. Songs liked by 53 survivors from all around the globe. A playlist made in the global project to unite AD friends globally for Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19

spotify010 kopiera

Still in Love with You – D Burgess, UK, AD B
Drive all night – I Regni, Denmark, AD B
We shall overcome – L Daelemans-Kopp, Belgium, AD A
Mother & Father – S Glassey, New Zealand, AD A
Hellbound Train – J Sanquedolce, USA, AD A
Smile – P Peterson, USA, AD A
Sex on fire – J Prescott, UK, AD B
Fat Bottomed Girls – N McMeekin, UK, AD A
Don’t stop me now – M Hoekeman, Netherlands, AD A
Bird Song – H Staffa, USA, AD A
Stand Up – M Scanlon, USA, AD B
Roar – S Piper Sawinski, USA AD B
Hymn #101 – T Schumann, USA, AD A
Windmills of your mind – S Miceli, Italy, AD B
What a Wonderful World – J Johnson Roth, USA, AD A
Shape Shifter – H Vollenweider, Switzerland, AD A
Running down a dream – A Seed, USA, AD A
Fight Song – C.S Andersen, USA, AD A
Hooked on a Feeling – J Sneed, USA, AD B
I Will Survive – S Davis McLendon, USA, AD B
Dancing Queen – M Andersson, Sweden, AD A
Our God – D Correll Bocka, USA, AD A
Here comes the sun – S Carmada, USA, AD A
Don’t Stop – K Berry, Jersey, AD A
The Rose – R Kohrt, Germany, AD A
Tell your heart to beat again – C King, USA, AD A
100 Years – L Bard, USA, AD A
Live forever – M Almquist, Sweden, AD B
Bridge over Troubled Water – G Hassel, Sweden, AD A
The Sound of Silence – U Hardie, Sweden, AD A
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – S Johansson, Sweden, AD A
Love’s Theme – R. F. Epps, USA, AD A
Chasing Cars – G Hoyland, UK, AD A
Making Love out of Nothing at All – L Wictorsson, Sweden, TAA
One Day Like This – G Owens, UK, AD B
Fields of Gold – A Cotton, UK, AD A
Everybody Hurts – AM Fishwick, UK, AD B
Love You So – M Knox, UK, AD B
Over The Rainbow – L Taylor, UK, AD B
Broken Strings – C Cecil, Wales, AD A
Stuck In the Middle with You – A Roberts-Pagent, UK, AD A
I Wanna Dance with Somebody – B Grunwell, UK, AD A
The Dance – C Tarr, UK, AD B
Slice of Heaven – J Short, New Zealand, AD A
Peaceful Easy Feeling – B O’Keeffe, Canada, AAA
Himlen är oskyldigt blå – A Johansson, Sweden, AD A
Ängeln i Rummet – A Pettersson, Sweden, AD A
Innocent Man – I Ross, UK, AD A
I Lived – S S Brown, USA, AD A
Walk – R Sawyer, UK, AD B
Caruso – T Soderlund, Sweden, AD A
I Run for Life – C Triplett, USA, TAA
Majesty – A.B Bøckmann, Norway, TAA

Enjoy  – to come to the playlist on Spotify – click here

Events on Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19

2016 Historic EVENTLIST September 19 2016

Event: Survivor luncheon on Awareness Day
Date:  Monday September 19
Place:  Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Arranged by: Mr Bob O’Keffe and family.

Event: The 4th Nordic Conference on Rare Diseases
Date:  The conference will be held on the 19th -20th of September 2016
Place:  Copenhagen Denmark, Europe
Arranged by: Danish Board of Social Services in cooperation with the
Danish Health Authority, The Nordic Rarelink Group and The Nordic
Council of Ministers.

Event:  Aortic Survivor meeting
Date:  Monday September 19 2016 at 15:00 local time
Place:  L’ospedale è in Viale Rodolfi, 37 – 36100 Vicenza.
La sala si trova nell’ Area D – 7° – Sala Riunioni di Cardiochirurgia
Arranged by:  Ospedale San Bortolo, Vicenza, Italy

Event:  Aortic Survivor Luncheon
Date:  Monday September 19 2016 at 11:30 local time
Place:  Hotel van der Valk, Arnhem, the Netherlands, Europe
Arranged by:  Survivor Group in Netherlands

Event: Survivor get-together with Swedish “Fika”, including coffee and hugs.
Date: Monday September 19 2016
Place: Bar Centro, Kyrkogatan 31 (tel 031 711 00 27), Göteborg, Sweden, Europe
Arranged by: Aortadissektion Föreningens Skandinaviens medlemmar

Event: Mr Göran Hassel will talk about his life. Before he got ill.
Getting ill, and life as it is today.
Date: Monday September 19 2016
Place: Kurirgatan 1, Helsingborg, Sweden, Europe
Arranged by: Strokeföreningen Öresund Sweden and MR Göran Hassel

Event: Get together with luncheon for survivors.
Date: Monday September 19 2016 11:30
Place: Hotell Björken, Lasarettsbacken 10, Umeå, Sweden
Arranged by: NUS

Event: Aortic Survivors Get together with many activities
Date: Monday September 19 2016
Place: London, United Kingdom, Europe
Arranged by: Heart Research UK and Aortic Dissection Awareness  UK

Event: Aortic Survivors local awareness event at ASDA Colne
Date: Monday September 19 2016 10:00–14:00
Place: Asda Colne in Lancashire, United Kingdom, Europe
Arranged by:  Aortic Dissection Awareness  UK

Event: Aortic Survivors local awareness event in Coppull Village
Date: Monday September 19 2016 11:00–15:00
Place: Asda Colne in Lancashire, United Kingdom, Europe
Arranged by:  Aortic Dissection Awareness  UK

Event: Virginia – Aortic Survivors Luncheon – Get together
Date: Monday September 19 2016
Place: Sentara Norfolk General Heart Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia 23507, USA
Arranged by: The National Organization for Aortic Awareness

Event: Flordia – Aortic Survivors – Get together
Date: Monday September 19 2016 5:00 PM
Place: Square Grouper TIKI Bar at 1111 Love Street, in Jupiter Florida USA
Arranged by: Lisa B

Event: Pennsylvania – Aortic Survivors – Get together
Date: Monday September 19 2016 5:00 PM
Place: Home of Allison & Robert S 217 E Mount Pleasant Ave, Philadelphia,
PA 19119-1833, United States
Arranged by: Allion & Robert S

Event: Global Aortic Dissection Awareness Day Celebration
Date: Monday September 19 2016 6:00 PM
Place: 110 S Paca St, Baltimore, MD 21201-1609, United States
Arranged by: Roxanne Bazemore 410-328-4771

You can easily download high-resolution Awareness Day posters
and flyers in many languages for many countries, that you can have printed
at your local print-shop. You find the download site when you (Click here)
Aortic Disease Awareness Day September 19


Download Aortic Awareness Material

April 9, 2019, The Marfan Foundation have launched a NEW WEBSITE for September 19 and the Aortic Disease Awareness Day. We recommend all our friends to visit this page. In one month from today, May 9, 2019, we will shut down this page. The new page you find here: September 19 – The Marfan Foundation


We have made all material for Aortic Disease Awareness Day – FREE – for all friends all over the globe. For you who want to download an print on your own printer or bring it to your local print-shop to get more copies of flyers or posters we have made folders on Google Drive – from where you easily can download your own national material. We also have these download folders:





IMPORTANT TO KNOW: our material can only be used for nonprofit use to create awareness around our rare diseases of the aorta like aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm. Neither modifications nor commercial uses are permitted. It can never be used in combination with money collection or sales of any kind, or making fundraising solicitation. The material may not be sold.

Aortic Dissection Awareness Day download for print

The reason is that many of the designs (the original flyer, the medical drawings on the flyers, the design of t-shirt, design of design- and profile-items, the logotype, the slogan) have been donated or allowed for use by this campaign – since we do not run charities, we do not sell things and we do not charge people money in any kind, to take part in our aortic awareness movement. Some items are bought under such licenses from photographers through photo sites with use of funds from donors who made donations since we go the “non-money” way to make this campaign free for anyone to take part in. Also for people who have no money to spare. Music used in our videos are used also with these same kind of limited rights for use, from the composers and musicians.

good day breath 02
Today Is A Good Day

When we say free, there is no hidden part where payment is done though fundraising or other kind of fees. Free is free. Also free of postage if printed material is given away as gifts and shipped or sent by post. So feel free to download, print or share, and give away for free. But if you try use if for other uses that what it is inteded for, you need to know that there are agreements made for the use of our free material – to keep it free.

Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19 – coming right up

Today Is A Good Day

This is the slogan for Aortic Disease Awareness Day – September 19


Here are some photos from the facebook page for Aortic Disease Awareness Day. Please join us. It is free. We sell nothing – but togheter our voices are strong – and if we can save one life – we have achieved something wonderful. Each life counts.